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What are your warranties?
Most of the products listed are warranted by their manufacturer. We will provide our customers any assistance in obtaining literature to explain these warranties, either expressly or implied, on any of the products represented in this catalog, or sold by us. Any liability for consequential and incidental damages is expressly disclaimed

What are your shipping policies?
It is our intention to provide you with shipping service, whether from our warehouse, or directly from the manufacturer. Some of the items listed may not be available in all parts of the country. We will alert you to this situation when an item that you have ordered is unavailable. Some products may be restricted from shipping into some states.

What are your freight policies?
Information on our freight policy is available from your representative, or from our office. Some of the items represented on our site may need to be shipped from the manufacturer for your convenience. We reserve the right to adjust our freight charges, and the minimum order quantities, in these and other situations.

How are orders billed?
All orders are billed at the prices in effect at the time of shipment. Market-sensitive items will be priced according to the market conditions. Quotations on large quantities are available upon request. Payment terms are established by our representatives.

Do you collect sales tax?
We are required by law to collect all Federal, State, and Local taxes that apply to your shipment. If you are tax exempt, an original tax exemption certificate is required for our records in order to process this information.

MSDS Information Accuracy?
The information provided on the MSDS sheets is prepared by the manufacturer, and is deemed to be reliable and accurate. However, we make no warranty as to the reliability or accuracy of this information.

Limited Disclaimer:
Exact quotations can be obtained from representatives of Flat River Building Center. Any pictures, representations, or description on our site are for reference only, and do not express or imply a warranty as to the suitability or uses of the product. Always check for exact product specifications prior to a purchase.

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